Portraits, Unaffected

Pure, simple, honest. Emotions and reactions from the heart and soul.

Weddings, Intimately

Love and life never stop. They just evolve and revolve with the times.

Events, Alive

Event photography that is as alive and as vibrant as the occasion you created.


San Francisco documentary photography based (but always current passport holding) professional photographer, Misti Layne, specializes in authentic, storytelling, deeply contrasted and documentary wedding photography, meaningful and intimate family and personal portraiture, connecting and authentic portraits for professionals and corporate events from the standard conference to the eclectically wild and adventurous event. Lastly, on a more personal passion, vibrantly live and loud music shows and their creatively passionate musicians. It’s a relationship that I treasure.

Storytelling photography is about the in-between, unintended images as well as the intended. The split second moment in a photograph of you and yours is captured and the story secured and ready to be shared, forever. Eternally recorded is that feeling, that laugh, that smile and emotion. There is a story to everything in life, right? There is certainly one that needs to be told by documenting your wedding and even stories told in portrait sessions. The in-between, caught off-guard and simply honest moments can be the best moments in a photograph. 

Please, peruse the galleries and if you feel a connection to the images, then we are on the same page.