Whimsical Allied Arts Guild Wedding

Whimsical Allied Arts Guild Wedding

This Allied Arts Guild wedding hosted such a beautiful couple and their absolutely delightful friends and family. The charming and seriously talented florist Pico Soriano brought Risa and Brayton to me thinking us a good match. Well, Pico would know being a friend of Risa’s of course so this is always a great introduction. A friend and colleague introduction means they trust you and know you are the right person.

Well, Pico was right!

This couple made me one of the family that night. The event was about 40 of their closest friends and families and there was a seat for me at the table with them. I had a wonderful time with my table mates and being a part of the guests all while still on the job.

Risa and Brayton’s grown children were the most touching part of the day for me, though. Their toasts truly showed their love for their parents and for each other and for the love of their “steps”. Watching these grown children cry in happiness was just a most touching moment. Listening and photographing at the same time was actually difficult! I wanted to pay attention to the toasts but HAD to pay attention to all the important people and their reactions. It is a tough job sometimes!

I cannot speak highly enough

…of the Allied Arts Guild venue. The staff, venue, food, location just all of it were wonderful. The place is intimate and secluded in a urban setting and you’d think you were in the middle of a garden in France at a chateau. Pico and his team did an amazing job on the florals. They fit just so perfectly while being surrounded by nature and flowers and plants and trees. That is not easy to do! Pico also had the super talented Armando Sarabia come from SoCal to do her hair and makeup. I was so pleasantly surprised to see his face. It was a total shock being so unexpected and can only imagine the look on my face.

I think you can see how a great team of people with passion for what they do can come together to just want nothing but the best for amazing clients. This is not a job. This is an opportunity to make others happy doing what we love to do and do best!

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