Family Portraits at Home | Backyard Beautiful

Family Portraits at Home | Backyard Beautiful

Family portraits have always been important since the start of photography. We love our family, our pets, our homes and documentation of life is important in one thousand ways from birth to end of life and all that in between.

Family portraits at home have become even more poignant in these times. Our lives have been forever changed. Documentation of life is more important than ever. I think we have all seen in some way just how valuable life is but also how it can change in an instant.

Some of my most favorite photography assignments are documenting families like “a day in the life of”. These images of this beautiful family were taken with a purpose. They were packing up their lives in Northern California to move to France. This would be their last few days in their beautiful home. They wanted portraits to remember it by and the memories they had there together as a family.

Photographing kids is always fun. Job one as a photographer? Get the kid to like me! A funny face, shake my butt, dare to tickle. I’ve done some silly things in my years but it pays off. I had this girl charmed in about 5.5 minutes. If I don’t? The images are just not the same. Doesn’t mean I don’t take the photos of the crying and kicking and screaming. Honestly, I love those too and crack up when editing. Maybe not funny at the time for the parents but later I usually hear “oh yea, that face”!

Working with children usually means working faster than taking my sweet time to do 100 different places. They set standard and I just have to follow along. Couples or older children? Well, we can take longer and do more and really capture personalities and find that “this is us” moment in a portrait.

Simple, pure love of family captured beautifully. That is the goal for family portraits at home.

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