San Francisco Wedding Photographer

I actually never imagined, intended or sought out to do wedding photography or knew a destination wedding photographer actually existed as a career.  It truly found me and I’m really happy about that.

Cubicle life at The Gap meant everyone knows almost everything about you, so it was well known that I loved photography. I had been doing it since I was young (another story and I do mean YOUNG) but never trained in it or studied it thinking I would ever be a professional. So, there we were in cubicle world and a cubicle mate said her friend was getting married and needed a photographer, but that photography wasn’t important to her.

The thoughts came screaming into my mind… “Oh my, really you want me? They must be nuts. How can it not be important? Isn’t this the most important day in your life? Weddings are fun. I might like it.  If I screw up, then at least it wasn’t important. Well, if it isn’t important then I’ll give it a try!”

Yes, it went like that and I was scared out of my mind because I quickly realized it was important to ME and how I can’t do anything half-assed.

Officially Now a San Francisco Wedding Photographer

I was a nervous wreck that day and when it was over I was just completely relieved. I was so utterly exhausted by all of it. To think “anyone could do it” never entered my mind but I knew after this that absolutely no, not anyone can do it. This is why I always recommend hiring vendors you trust in every aspect but especially photography. There is only once chance to get it right. End of story. 

So, I took the images that I had developed and printed them myself. Yes, I really did and yes, this was pretty crazy and stupid but I did. Then it was time for delivery. I was barely able to speak with my hands shaking and my stomach in complete knots. These aren’t just words but the actual fact. It was as if my tongue had been removed.  I didn’t want them to be disappointed and the fear they may be was truly terrifying.  But my voice quickly came back.

The clients loved them.  I could breathe again.

I then realized as I walked out of their home that I actually liked doing it. What wasn’t to like? I got to take photographs, everyone was nice, happy and having fun and they fed me and forced me to drink champagne with them. What isn’t to like! Now, while they truly loved the images, I honestly think I completely sucked. Really, what did I know going in? I was guessing and making it up as I went along. However, I was hooked now and wanted to do more.

I couldn’t be the old school wedding photographer with the Hasselblad and lighting gear but I could be the simple, unobtrusive and natural photographer of people who, like me, want things simple, natural, real and unaffected and to be able to relive the day as the story unfolded.

These people would become my clients and they are still to this day. I’m thankful to every one of them for the opportunity to share such an important and intimate day and know that what I do will be the one thing that lives on for generations to come.  I will always be thankful to that couple for trusting me and frankly being so easy.

I Still Get Nervous…Every Time

I’ve also gotten a whole lot better although, the nerves still come.  I find this keeps me on my toes though and comes from the place of never wanting to disappoint and to do a great job. It’s been a long road and I have no intention of stopping. This is what I was meant to do and must do. I have no other option but being a photographer. Heart, blood and soul just remind me to do my best, be present and I love nothing more than waking every day to something new.

So why hire me instead of the person who brings two photographers, provides an album and 10 hours of coverage for $2000?  Because I have been here for 15+ years full time and I will be here another 10+ years from now.  I am a businesswoman and a photographer.  Not someone with a camera looking to make extra money. We do all have budgets, I know! But the one place to be a bit less budget conscious is for the photography. There really is that one chance and I’ve heard plenty of bad stories. My biggest fear is disappointing clients and I strive to make sure I am covered in every aspect. Every time. 

This is my life and my livelihood. I bring about $40,000 worth of equipment to your wedding; I have insurance and pays dues and fees like any other business. Education is hugely important and never stops. I work in my community to keep it strong.

Reputation is everything. 

Lucky me just gets to work from home and make some photographs along the way. This San Francisco wedding photographer wouldn’t have it any other way. 

You hire me because I’m a professional whose heart and soul and livelihood is photography and only photography today and tomorrow and all the days after that.

San Francisco based but “Have camera, will travel” anywhere in the world!

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