San Francisco Wedding Vendors: Accomplished + Awesome

My first wedding scared the begeezus out of me. Seriously. I had no idea what I was doing, but for the couple the photographs weren’t important, and they didn’t care that I had no experience. I thought well, OK, I can try. I hated it and walked away saying never again. UNTIL I met with the couple and gave them their photos. I arrived with my stomach in knots, my hands shaking and my voice was pretty squeaky.

We sat on the sofa and I handed over the images. They started smiling and sharing and saying things like “look at this one” and “oh, I love this one.” My voice came back and I realized I had actually loved it. It was stressful and I really was a nervous wreck but until this moment I hadn’t known that I really, really enjoyed it.

The final kicker was the story they told me about the best man. After we walked out of the church, I saw him with his head up to the sky and just the most honest and beautiful smile you could imagine. 

I got the moment and I knew it. 

It was the days of film by the way! They explained to me at this meeting that he had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. It was a long time ago, so the story has faded but the impact has not. He told the couple that at that moment he just felt lighter, free and purely happy and he had heard me push the shutter button.

He said he knew at that moment something was different. That he was different. (I’m getting chills again as I write this and it happens any time I tell the story.) He was later diagnosed to be free of the disease and knew it in this moment. In this moment, that I had captured forever. That was it and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve gotten a lot better and still get nervous but now photography is all I do. This is not a part time money-maker. It’s my life.

You Must Trust

I’ve been in this business a really long time now, so I’ve put together this list of San Francisco wedding vendors to try and help you. Even for this couple that said photography wasn’t important, I was shown that it and everything actually is. This is a huge endeavor and most don’t know it till they are in the throes of it. I know these people, trust these people and respect them.

Let them help you and keep the integrity and passion of this business growing with people who are in it for more than the money. We all do start somewhere but I’ve heard so many stories of disappointment by couples who, for lack of better words, got screwed. These vendors rock. Pure and simple. (This list is not comprehensive and information may have changed so feel free to ask for others!)

See some of their wares HERE.


Nancy Liu    

Make-up + Hair:


Designers + Rentals:

Abbey Party Rentals
Belle Notte Events
Bright Event Rentals 
Classic Party Rentals
Dreams on a Dime
Enhanced Lighting  
Impact Lighting
Inspirations by Gina
Jiliane Patriarca
La Tavola
MTR Event Design
Napa Valley Linens
Rue 29 Napa Valley
Where To Start Weddings


Fork & Spoon                 
Ladies Who

Musicians + DJs:

Denon + Doyle  
Magnolia Jazz  

Equally Important:

Your Ceremony Matters – Peadar  
Weddings on Film – Justin  
Cinematt – Matthieu  
Kevin Chin