Intimate Weddings Bay Area and San Francisco have become a bigger destination for some around the country and even the world. The world changed a few years ago as you most likely remember. We all have experienced a change in our lives with maybe some challenges and some successes and newfound passions or hobbies. Maybe and likely a bit of it all of those things. The planet forced us to take a breath and maybe take note of what is most important in the world and to us individually.

I think this is where love grows deeper and bigger and weddings may get a little more intimate every now and again. I rather love these small events. Most maybe 10 and some maybe 30 and the energy, love and excitement are just as palpable as if a wedding with hundreds of guests. A few events where I had the honor to document and participate and feel and see the love and sign as the ONLY witness. I welcome photographing your intimate weddings any day of the week!

intimate weddings bay area carmel destination wedding photography misti layne

Intimate and Micro-Weddings… We learned to love intimate weddings a few years ago and some have come to really embrace the idea. Intimate and micro-weddings provide the opportunity for you and your closest and dearest to celebrate your love in a smaller setting. A gallery of images of just what that may mean and how your vision can come to life and fill your heart.

intimate weddings bay area San Francisco photographer City Hall ceremony Misti Layne

San Francisco City Hall weddings… More crying happens here than the grand affairs with 300 guests, I swear! Fun, intentional and as whimsical to romantic as you envision. This amazing building and the grounds provide the ambiance and the structure and you simply bring you. The building offers many beautiful places for portraits and the grounds are always fun and add another element and more texture for portraits of the couple or all your guests as well. See for yourself… The epitome of intimate weddings Bay Area are captured here.

intimate weddings bay area San Francisco photographer Misti Layne

Intimate and great attention to detail… Sometimes it is about having your intimate wedding and doing it in a grand way. Maybe it is twenty guests with fine dining like at a five-star restaurant feel. Intimate weddings happen in 1000 ways and each as unique as you are. It’s an honor to sit at these tables and the laughs and toasts and cheers never end.

intimate weddings bay area by destination photographer Misti Layne

Destination Weddings… Sometimes it is about taking your closest friends and family away from it all. Intimate weddings away from home simplify so much of a grand type wedding but also add excitement and adventure. Sometimes it is just the best reason to get away from it all! It may just be the two of you (and me!) or it may be five, ten, fifteen of your dearest. It’s a “remember when” memory like no other. I’ve traveled to the black sand beaches of Bali to Hawaii to Tahoe to New York City and the Virgin Islands and more. Experience is important in these situations and my passport is ready!