storytelling photographyWhy Misti Layne (beyond the cool name) when there are so many professionals and amateurs with nice cameras to choose from?

I love animals in all shapes and sizes! AND…

Storytelling photography that brings your story to life. There is a story to everything right? There is certainly one to your wedding and even to a portrait session. The in-between moments can be the best moments!

Images tell a story and they are there for me to find. It is about me watching, listening, learning and being at the ready for the instant THE image hits me and I push the button. Most anyone can take a photograph with their mobile today. But this ends up being a random moment in time. With portraiture there may be moments between the intended images that really resonate beyond the standard. This isn’t one image. It is a series of images that provoke emotion and thought. This happens with trust and openness and I know I can only get this if you trust me and I am open enough for you to do that. When there is this intimacy, I can get to the heart of the images and that is when the storytelling photography happens. 

This is about you, not me. 

It is your dream wedding, your celebration of a new baby, your wish to capture four generations of an ever storytelling photographyexpanding family or even just a new head shot for a new job. Every person, event, need and desire are individualistic to you. I don’t do this for extra money-it’s my entire life and  I don’t do this because I like taking pictures-it’s my passion. I don’t do this because I have a nice camera-I do this because there is nothing else I desire to do. Period.

Photographing weddings and commitment ceremonies, family portraiture, pregnancy and engagement portraits are all steps in documenting the important events of your life. I have to understand the goal and do what it takes to make it happen. I am the storyteller and you are the story.

My biggest success beyond a great portrait is to make sure you have fun, smile and laugh in the process. The next goal after understanding what you need and want is that you feel the photograph in your heart. One to be proud of and cherish and share.

storytelling photography

Why Storytelling Images

My photographs are not posed but capture the brilliance and sparkle of people naturally. I want to be your photographer for life, not just your wedding or head shot photographer.

Photography isn’t about a camera and the latest technology. It’s communication, resonating with an individual and fulfilling a need or desire. Years of experience and ongoing education separate me from the craigslist shooter or the recent photography student. Passion and drive separate me from weekend warriors and the full time worker with the nice camera who likes to take pictures. Tenacity, enjoying what I do and a love of photography keep me striving to always do the best.

There is a bit of my soul in every photograph I take. Documenting you with storytelling photography that lasts forever. That is why Misti Layne. 

I did say I loved animals and obviously a bit of traveling. (photo of me with horse by Christina Garcia Wisner)

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