Eloping at a Court House in Crazy Times

Eloping at a Court House in Crazy Times

Eloping. Why do people do it rather than the grand affair with 200 guests and dancing and cake and all the rest? There are many reasons people choose to do it and frankly, I love being the only other person at them or maybe one of the special few who get to witness this special moment.

I met Howard and Theresa at a wedding two years ago at one of those beautiful and grand weddings. I was spying on them and they caught me. The thing is, they were canoodling all cute like as it was chilly. I was just waiting for “that” moment. I got it. They saw me. I outed myself. We laughed.

Two years later, they reached out as they were getting married at the Contra Costa court house. It was just before the holidays, during the pandemic and once again, things were getting shut down. They got the last appointment on the last day before who knows how long they had the opportunity to do it again. They almost even lost this appointment as someone forgot his ID. Well, thanks to kind and understanding people they were granted the extra 45 minutes it would take to get the ID and come back and get married. They asked if I would wait. Ahhh, of course!!!

Being Covid times, I was not allowed in so I waited outside so I missed “that” moment this time. Sometimes you just go with the flow and that is what my time with Howard and Theresa was this afternoon. Eloping wasn’t their plan originally but here we were and… they are expecting twins. So there was a lot to celebrate!

Big or small, two or two hundred. Love is something that stops for nothing. Cannot wait to photograph the twins in a month!

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