First Comes Engagement Photos, Then Comes The Wedding

First Comes Engagement Photos, Then Comes The Wedding

Engagement photos provide many things, but I wanted to take the time to point out some of the main reasons why they are an incredibly important piece to your wedding process.

Most often when I talk to couples about their wedding they are very excited, but when the conversation turns to engagement photos, not so much.

I love engagement photos and to be fair, totally push them. My reasons are honest and with the couple’s best interest in mind. I include them first in pretty much every wedding package option because I really believe in them. I don’t even think it should be an option NOT to have them.

Now for the details on why – keep scrolling!

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engagement session in san francisco with a couple hugging and kissing in black and white being happy and laughing

black and white engagement photos under the trees hugging in chrissy field san francisco

#1 The Meet & Greet

The engagement session in the images of this post was the first time I met Laura and Ryan. We chatted over the phone and decided we were a match. Great!
After our shoot, they invited me to cocktails; my kind of people! Sadly, I had to decline as I was dressed to lie down in dirt and grass, as well as having another appointment, but loved the offer! Asking me out meant that they trusted me, liked me, and wanted me to be a part of their lives. This was all in about one hour.


a couple laughing during their engagement session and hugging in chrissy field san francisco

#2 It helps me get to know you

To have not done this engagement session would have been a total disservice. I learned who Laura and Ryan were as both a couple and as individuals. Walking in on the wedding day without this experience would not have been the same for either of us. Engagement sessions shows me how couples are, how they interact with each other, and what I can likely expect at the wedding.


black and white engagement photos with a couple kissing and laughing

a couple laughing under the trees hugging and walking in chrissy field san francisco

#3 It shows you how I work

I’m not the “in your face, directing and posing” kind of photographer. I’m honest from the start about that.

My photos are meant to be felt. Yes, we will get some great “wow” factor images, but in the end the ones that mean the most are the ones that hit your heart and mind. The engagement session builds trust which allows that vulnerability to happen.


laura and ryan engagement photos by the beach under the golden gate bridge in san francisco holding hands loving embrace

#4 It’s not just “shoot and burn”

Beyond all the digital photos, these images also serve a tangible purpose. I love, love, love actual prints. For a long time, there was this idea that you “shoot and burn” weddings: the couple get their wedding images on a disk. Yea, that is it – not edited, not retouched, not pretty. It still happens today because some photographers are doing it for the cash. Imagine getting images thrown on a disk? That is pretty much where it stays.

Your day is about love and laughs. I include a print and album credit with my package because I want you to have opportunity to sit with a glass of wine, pass through your photos, and reflect on each one. Also important to consider, the images from your engagement session can later be used for save the date cards or gifts for family.

There is nothing better than a huge 30×40 print over the sofa of you and your love walking on the beach, hand in hand at sunset, and remembering that experience.


engagement session on the beach in the sunset kissing by the golden gate bridge in san francisco

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