Gang of Four at The Independent – Live Music Photography

Gang of Four at The Independent – Live Music Photography

When I saw that Gang of Four was coming to The Independent in San Francisco, I was all over getting tickets to the show. I’m a total product of this music but never got to really see live music in Michigan. Now, when I see someone from my “past” is in town, I’m just thrilled. Gang of Four did not disappoint and so glad I get to add them to my “Seen ’em” list.


Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_12 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_68 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_63 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_56 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_48 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_17 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_20 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_36 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_37 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_43 Gang-of-Four-The-Independant-Misti-Layne_47

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  1. went to the Chicago show! WOW! and the Independent photo’s are fantastic!

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