SF Travel Moscone Conference Center Hosts Luncheon

SF Travel Moscone Conference Center Hosts Luncheon

SF Travel Moscone Luncheon was a massive success if you ask me or well, anyone I would think and I love participating. This grand opening of sorts of the Moscone expansion were one of many highlights of the day. The food and wine and entertainment and speakers and and and… Considering Beach Blanket Babylon is no more, it was REALLY special.

Bye bye Beach Blanket

One of the saddest thing for many of San Franciscans was the closing of Beach Blanket Babylon. I’ve seen it three times of the years I have lived here so what an absolute pleasure to photograph the tiniest bit of with one of my favorite characters! No photographs allowed at the show so this was fun and all that passion!!!

The “new” Moscone is definitely a sight to behold. It was where I had one of my first jobs when I moved to San Francisco and to see it evolve and become such a standard in the industry is fantastic. So much was taken into account when they started the last update on the first buildings.

SF Travel Moscone luncheon events have about 1000 people from all kinds of industries in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I’m always honored to photograph and participate in these crazy events. People come to showcase their best wares and that includes food, wine, entertainment, photography and a plethora of things. All to highlight how amazing San Francisco is and how great a convention is to have here and to visit.

Please come visit us!

If you are traveling to San Francisco for work or pleasure, be sure to check out the SF Travel website or hook up with knowledgeable crew in a number of places in the City.

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