Single on Valentine’s Day – Enjoy it!

Single on Valentine’s Day – Enjoy it!


I am Single on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I said it.

Honestly, I think it is another one of those overrated holidays like New Year’s where the pressure to go out and have a great time feels overbearing and if you don’t have a great time (or get engaged) then your life comes to a crashing halt. I say BS! You don’t have to be like Bridget Jones in her pajamas singing “All by Myself” and getting loaded.
What not to do:

See, I haven’t been hit by a lightening bolt by announcing I am single!


Get out of San Francisco and Explore

One of the things I enjoyed most when I first moved to San Francisco was taking road trips on holidays. I had no family nearby, so I used these days as a day off from work and an opportunity to discover something new. I picked a direction, packed the camera, maybe a picnic basket (places use to be closed on holidays back in the day), and just drive. It was exciting not knowing what I would find, whom I would meet, or what I would see.

If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, this is my recommendation to you.

Get out there! Go explore! Meet new people!


Belly Up to the Bar

As there is no point in wallowing as a singleton on this supposed holiday and (let’s be honest does anyone really know the story of Saint Valentine?) unless you want to stay home and chill with a bottle of Prosecco and a hot bath, then why not get out and do something adventurous.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not at all saying get on your hiking boots and gear. I’m talking more about going to some small town with a population of 400 and hitting the local bar. Belly up and let the stories of strangers commence.

I’m not sure why it is, but people at bars on holidays are always willing to chat, listen, and tell personal stories that will in some way touch you, enlighten you, or open your mind to something new. These moments can actually be life changing and you didn’t get suckered into the over-priced dinner with a glass of cheap champagne and a chocolate soufflé that wasn’t made when you ordered it.

Now, don’t at all think that I wouldn’t like to spend a romantic night with some tall, hunky man! However, it doesn’t mean that us Singletons should stay home weeping and feeling sorry for ourselves.


Here are some great cities day-trip-distance from San Francisco:

1. Placerville
2. Capitola
3. Monterey
All of which have shopping and cute local bars.


Go Top Shelf and Don’t Sit Alone in the Middle!

So if that hot bath, glass of bubbles, and a book doesn’t appeal to you, then plan a solo adventure to a place you’ve never been. Pack a gourmet lunch with your favorites and suck in all the nature you can possibly get. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass, take a nap, write a poem or just stare into space. If that doesn’t feel interesting, then belly up to that strange bar. Don’t sit alone in the middle! Sit next to someone and let them talk. Order the burger and fries and some top shelf something (avoid ordering the wine or sparkling as this will prove to be disappointing) and discover what is to come.

Lastly, go to bed and reflect on the new you.









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