5 Reasons to Have a Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Wedding

5 Reasons to Have a Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Wedding

wedding at the ritz carlton half moon bay

It’s no secret; one of my most favorite wedding venues is the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. There are many reasons why you should have a Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay wedding, but I’ll go into just a few…

1. It’s Like Finding the Pot of Gold Under a Rainbow

The location is secluded, so secluded that while driving to get there you wonder if you’re even on the right track. Don’t worry – once you arrive, it’s like finding the pot of gold under a rainbow! Simply one-of-a-kind.

2. A View For All of Your Guests

It doesn’t matter if the sun is out or the fog has rolled in, the view is breathtaking. The venue is right on the cliff of the Pacific Ocean and it’s truly amazing. The style of the building fits perfectly with its surroundings, which makes for some beautiful wedding photos. When you’re there, I recommend to take some time to slow down amongst the wedding stress and admire the panorama.

3. The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Can Fit Your Entire Guest List

There is a lovely gazebo, space for hundreds of guests, and a view that just astounds (yes, it’s worth mentioning twice!).

Need I say more?

4. They Have An Amazing Staff

As you can imagine, the staff there are just so lovely, friendly, warm, and helpful. When your big day comes, they’re the people you want in your corner.

5. A Beach Wedding, Yet Still Urban, Elegant, and Sophisticated

A Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay wedding can be held both inside and outside, but remember the venue is Oceanside and gets cold. All of the receptions I’ve had the pleasure to photograph have been inside in their ballroom. That being said, the ballroom is as elegant as most any you would find in San Francisco. The space blends perfectly with the idea of a beach and ocean wedding, yet still urban, elegant and sophisticated. That is what I think makes this venue truly unique.

My Experience with a Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay Wedding

The last wedding I photographed here was a beautiful blend of Indian and Western (check out the photos below); the bride was of Indian heritage and the groom a Protestant from Michigan. Can you say meat and potatoes!? I’m from Michigan, so I know all too well!

Each side was honored separately during this wedding, yet at the same time, they blended their history and tradition. The venue gave them the perfect space to have both a customary Indian marriage ceremony as well as the classic western ceremony. The day was really beautiful in many capacities. I hope these images share a bit of just what one day looks like at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, even though it is far from the usual.

A Note from Misti: No, the Ritz Carlton did not pay me to write this post. Yes, I really believe this venue is that great! If you’re even considering having your wedding here, get in touch with me and let’s chat!













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  1. Well said Misti Layne!
    The Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is a good place for wedding and has good supporting staff and is well suitable for beach wedding.
    This venue is too beautiful.

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