Intimate Hawaii Wedding in Full Color

Intimate Hawaii Wedding in Full Color

An intimate Hawaii wedding and photographed by me? Oh, hell yes, I am in! This was one of those dream weddings from start to finish. An intimate, destination wedding in Kailua, Hawaii with a very in love couple, their closest family members and almost nothing traditional. The bride wore a rainbow so you see where I am going here.

She wore a rainbow!

From dawn to dusk and into the night, hanging with this crowd was just a fantastic time and when you see the bride is not wearing white but a rainbow? Well, color me drunk in love with my job. I was so surprised when I saw the dress and my chin surely dropped but it was the best thing I could have seen. So incredibly perfect in 1000 ways. This really set the tone for the day as it actually always does. Believe it or not.

Most of the family flew in from the San Francisco Bay Area and also Missouri with a few locals too. The ceremony was held at the most amazing home. It was actually where the groom’s parents got married! The officiant worked as Secret Service to basically every president of my lifetime retiring about five years ago and really living the life. Who has a massive tortoise living on the back patio? This family!

The event begins…

The ceremony site overlooked the ocean and the guests stood randomly as the simple ceremony happened. The tears did flow.

Dinner in Honolulu, cocktails and dancing and entertainment at the local pub where we played with WWII ahem, toys. I could do these destination and intimate weddings for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

My AirBnB was a 3 block walk to the ocean so you can guess I made the most of that. The light, the air, the sea the reason for being there was just heaven on earth.

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