Why It’s Badass to Get Online Dating Profile Photos by Sarah Jones

Why It’s Badass to Get Online Dating Profile Photos by Sarah Jones

Written by Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha

Stigma Be Gone!

You know what I’m happy about? That the stigma around online dating is lifting. Thank goodness! It’s only right, and it’s high time.

Online is simply one venue through which singles can meet other singles. It’s really convenient and helpful on many levels: you can see at a glance what someone’s major political and philosophical views are, as well as get a sense of them without being on the spot.

Of course, meeting people in person is great too! At Introverted Alpha, many of the men I work with are more introverted and don’t prefer loud parties. Instead, they opt for a combination of online and offline dating: hobbies / meeting people through friends in order to fill their calendar with a nice amount of dates.

Along with the dissipating stigma of online dating is a dissipating stigma of getting online dating profile photos done. Again – thank goodness!

When it comes to online dating success, profile photos are first and foremost.

Everyone looks at them first and closely, and there’s no problem with that. Looking at someone’s profile photo is not only about sizing up how attractive they are according to your preferences; it’s also about getting a sense of their vibe through their photos.

Photos tell a lot more about someone than just their facial features or physical stature. Photos also allude to sense of style, aesthetic awareness and sophistication (or lack thereof!), and also the look behind someone’s eyes: honest, kind, strong, gentle?

Meeting in person, you can get a pretty good sense of these things, but it’s much harder to do so through a photo, especially if it’s poorly taken.

Though with the right photo, one that showcases your physically attractive attributes as well as your overall vibe and style, you are in BUSINESS.

People can come to your profile and get a strong sense of you in your best light.

We want this! Not a deceptive light, but an honoring light. A light that honors you and your best attributes as well as your natural vibe.

Fortify Your Own Sense of Self

A great online profile photo is not only useful in that it shows prospective (and prospectively desirable!) dates you at your best; it also fortifies your own sense of self.

This is hugely helpful because when your own sense of self is strengthened, you NATURALLY stand up taller, smile brighter, look clearer. You become more attractive in real life when you can see on film what you look like at your best.

When you can see yourself in that light – which a professional photo can do in a way that other photos just can’t – you see why other people who are also very attractive on many levels would be utterly attracted to YOU.

Realistically, you have to see this first before you can expect others to see it.

This is why getting professional headshots is actually a badass move: it’s your way of saying, “Hey, let me see just how good-looking I am, just how attractive I am in the right light that honors me.”

Saying this alone is a huge confidence-boost, and seeing the photos afterwards is even more so.

Bottom line is when you get your profile photos taken with care, expertise, and love, you not only show others just how irresistible you are, you yourself see how irresistible you are, which inevitably makes you even more irresistible.





Photos by Misti Layne


Sarah-Jones-Misti-Layne-Photography1About the Author

Sarah Jones founded Introverted Alpha to help smart introverted men attract women naturally. She teaches them how to become benevolent badasses who attract quality women with ease, even if they’re inexperienced.

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