June 15th We Celebrate – California Opens Up!

June 15th We Celebrate – California Opens Up!

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It’s officially official. California opens up on June 15th sans tiers and 100% capacity. I KNOW we can do this.

I don’t know a single person who was not affected in the past 13 months. Some more than others and some lost businesses and many have lost loved ones. I’m sure we have all changed in some capacity over the past year and this opening will be odd to say the least.

But I am so ready.

I’ve missed photographing the faces watching a couple get married. The dancing and celebrating at a corporate holiday party of 2000 people. A guitarist standing in front of me and giving his and totally rocking out on stage in front of 1000s. The connection of getting just the right image for a professional to update their business brand.

I’ve missed it all. Wedding dates have been postponed. Music all but stopped completely unless on Zoom. Families and portraits did not stop and oh was that a joy to get the camera out and make some images!

I imagine us all still be cautious as we should be. I’m sure none of us want to go backwards but instead forward to what we once knew. It won’t be the same. It cannot be the same. One day I hope this planet goes back to a BETTER normal. Knowing the costs associated of human activities completely, we must do better.

I recently returned from an 11 day road trip around the Southwest to just see something different and gain new perspective as any travel provides me. I came upon a tree on a Navajo Reservation that was covered in ribbons. I am talking covered in ribbons. It was a symbol of those who died during this pandemic. I am still here and I am thankful for the opportunity to try to do better and be better and do my part to make the world a little bit better.

So, while I never really “closed”, I am happy to say Images by Misti Layne is open and ready to go!

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