Castello di Amorosa Cuban Nights are Hot Hot Hot

Castello di Amorosa Cuban Nights are Hot Hot Hot

Castello di Amorosa Cuban Nights is just an amazingly fun time. The food, the wine, the DANCERS, the music and the whole vibe. There is no option but to have a great time at any of the Castello’s events. I could absolutely attend any of them and fortunately I actually get to go to them! My first time at the venue was for a secret proposal and yes, she did say yes. That was a few years ago and every time I go it is always like the first time. I see something new or in a new light and my heart warms all over again.

A lot of work makes it all happen.

The amount of planning that goes into these events is really just off charts. It is literally hundreds of people and they all are putting their heart and soul into them. The castle is of course a stunning venue and attending the variety of events they hold every year not only shows how stunning it is but how it can change for different themes.

Working the events here like the Castello di Amorosa Cuban Nights is just a pure pleasure and a big portion of this is the staff. They are all so passionate, so fun and know their wines and the industry. They have to because this place is a destination for many from around the world but because they love it too.

Please, please go check out the venue and check out the farm animals too. I’m sure you will love them. You may even get lucky enough to get a head butt from a goat or see the rooster herding in his ladies. If you can make it at about sunset, I highly recommend it. The light on the castle and the vineyards is just really something to see. Enjoy!

By the way, check out the Grape Stomp night!

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