Napa Grape Stomp at Castillo di Amorosa!

Napa Grape Stomp at Castillo di Amorosa!

I can’t even explain how fun this Napa grape stomp is to witness AND photograph. Castillo di Amorosa in St. Helena first of all, is just an amazing spot created by Dario Sattui. His heart and soul was poured into this place being authentic to its Italian roots. It shows!

What is a grape stomp?

So, the grape stomp starts with a fantastic BBQ experience. It’s like being in the backyard of your best friend’s house with the settings and food. Oak Avenue Catering did an amazing job and the linens by GBS Linens were just a perfect fit. You weren’t exactly in Italy but it sure felt like it.

I think this event had about 300 guests and not all participated in the stomping part but there were massive amounts getting wet and messy to win the competition. I was wondering if I would slip and fall in the mess but I stayed standing! It was fun and hilarious to see some people taking this very seriously and others just having a grand time. One this is sure, we all had a grand time!

The band that night was Funk Fatale band and if you can’t tell by the costumes that the band name fits then you need to hear them!

This Napa grape stomp is touted to be the largest in the world. I have no idea on that but there were a lot of people and a lot of laughs to be had. It’s the largest I have ever been to! I highly recommend it like any event the place holds. They range from low key to fancy but always communal and you can meet some really great people from near and far.

By the way, I have to speak incredibly highly of the staff too. These people love what they do and fully intend for you to love the experience of Castillo di Amorosa.

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