Brazilian Room Berkeley hosts Persian Celebration

Brazilian Room Berkeley hosts Persian Celebration

The Brazilian Room in Berkeley hosted quite the celebration while the big wedding is in Italy. Two families from some of the oldest cultures of the planet, Irish and Persian came together and had one

Zaid and Kelsey have been together for years and their families just mesh perfectly. This event was about celebrating the Persian side with symbols and rituals to bless the couple. There were gifts and blessings and lots of love and laughs as well.

It really is these basics in love and unions that I just love and why I love photographing and being the small part of the day. The weather was really cooperating and the vibrant colors really popped. The food? The food was by Carrie Dove catering and let’s just talk about the fish, shall we! Cannot recommend them enough.

The Brazilian Room is also in a beautiful park so please do check it out when you can. This little bit of nature in the middle of Berkeley is a hidden gem!

All the best to Kelsey and Zaid in their future together. Your families will always be at your side with love and laughs. I have no doubt on that!

Here is a similar use of grounds at Quintessa Winery.

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