Outdoor Art Club and Documentary Wedding Photography

Outdoor Art Club and Documentary Wedding Photography

The Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley hosted the amazing Emily and Dustin’s wedding. I cannot even begin to tell you how fun and funny this couple is in real life.

I love, love, love documenting weddings.

First, I have to say it was kind of no surprise because it was a couple in their wedding party who recommended me and if you are friends of Grace and Colby then I know you are going to be one in a million and like them in awesome ways. They indeed were just that! It was so fantastic to see Grace and Colby again that day and laugh and share moments and at the same time create this same relationship again with Dustin and Emily. They are all such wonderful people and am lucky to say I got to be their wedding photographer.

Now, we know that wedding photography is about pretty pictures and this wedding certainly provided those moments. However, this wedding was seriously full of fun and funny and ridiculous and spontaneous and I just had to include that in this post. We don’t always see those behind the moment scenes or the “outtakes” of a wedding. I included some of those moments here because not to would mean not showing the full wedding or the REAL wedding and that is always what I look for at a wedding. The real wedding. The authentic wedding and all that it entails from the people to the emotions to the love.

The Outdoor Art Club rocks!

The Outdoor Art Club is an amazing little spot and one of my favorites in the Bay Area to photograph a wedding (or event) at because it is just like an oasis in an urban desert. It is rustic yet fancy, dreamy yet touch-ably real. A lot like the couples I’ve had married here! Many people are surprised when they arrive and enter the front gate to realize that the Outdoor Art Club is not just a building but a forest too!

I hope these images make you laugh because I sure did when I took them, when I edited them and again just with this post! All the best to Dustin and Emily!

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