The Photographer’s Checklist: What We Need For Your Wedding Day

The Photographer’s Checklist: What We Need For Your Wedding Day

The wedding is right around the corner! You’re in the home stretch of this seemingly endless planning for your big day. Now it’s time to fill me in on all the arrangements you’ve made.

It’s Your Wedding Day, Hand Over the Reins and Trust The Vendors You Hired

So what do I need? The list isn’t much, but it’s important we go over it so that we’re on the same page and I can do my job to my absolute best. Not to mention, all of us vendors are working hard so that you can let the reigns go and truly, really, fully BE in your wedding. Trust in the vendors you hired (remember all the research and meetings you had for this very reason?) and let us do what we do best. The ONLY thing I want on your wedding day is to bust butt, do a great job, and make sure I make you happy, comfortable, and that you know I have your back. If you see me running flowers to a bridesmaid or fixing the bow tie on the groom, well, that’s part of the job because it is no longer yours.

Wedding Preparation: What Your Photographer Needs

To make our process as smooth as possible, here’s what your photographer will need before and on your wedding day.

Prior to the Wedding:

  1. The complete vendor list. This includes names, numbers and emails. We need this list in case anything happens the day of and also to follow up with after. If I hear a vendor is late on your big day, I’m not going to tell you, but know that myself and those other trusted vendors will craft a work around if need be.
  2. The timeline! This may come from you or your planner, if you hired one. Be realistic. If you have something happening every 4 or 7 minutes, we will get behind. I always do my best to stick to the schedule, but sometimes it just can’t happen. Someone is late, traffic was bad, the vows are missing, plus a plethora of other things can happen (hundreds of weddings under my belt – I’ve seen it all!). The fact is, all this is easily solved and we will get it done. We will just get it done!
  3. The names and numbers of additional family members in case you or the fiancé cannot be reached.
  4. The “Shot List” (I will provide). This is more about knowing what is going to happen versus being a list of images that I’m going to check off as we go along. I will do my best to get everything on it, but know that it is never a guarantee. I too prefer to BE in the moment, versus paper and pen in hand, checking off images from a list. The best shots occur naturally and don’t worry; I will keep an eye on getting things done.

On the Wedding Day:

  1. Any of those items on the aforementioned list! Do you want your invites photographed? Bring them in a safe manner. Our course we need to photograph the dress, but bring a hangar that isn’t the plastic one the store hung it on. Have an antique piece that is going on the bouquet? Be sure all these things are available and obvious. I will find them so that you can carry on, but please be sure they’re handy.
  2. The “getting ready” room whether a hotel, home, or the venue, tends to get busy and messy. This may or may not bother you in the images. That being said, if you prefer a cleaner look (I’m a German Virgo so I DO get it), then hide things or tidy up just a bit to clear out some of the clutter. Things like food, champagne, clothes etc are part of the story, but it’s up to you to include or not. I can go with any situation.
  3. ANY and all changes that may have occurred since we last chatted the week prior to the wedding. This can be items on the shot list, time changes, or additions to the event, like a musician, grape stomp, or who knows what. If you are planning a surprise for the spouse, do NOT surprise me! Let me in on it. I promise I know how to keep a secret!


That about covers it! Now, leave it to me to get the job done.

Cheers to your big day!










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