Misti Layne and Borrowed and Blue

Misti Layne and Borrowed and Blue


Borrowed and Blue, Bali at Amankila Resort

Misti Layne recently teamed up with Borrowed and Blue, a locally-focused online wedding resource, to give couples everything they need to know about our photography services.

Here’s our Q&A with Borrowed & Blue:  

  • How did you first get into photography?

I was a flower girl when I was 4 and not happy about any of it. Someone gave me a camera at the reception and I finally smiled for the first time all day. My mom gave me a camera later and was just always so quick to support any of my artistic interests. I never stopped photographing after that!

  • What single photo sums up your aesthetic?

Something, clean, simple, high contrast that when you see it-you feel it.

  • As a storyteller, what draws you to a particular subject?

Always the feelings around the moment. Whether it may be a wedding or anything else. It is always the feelings or emotions that lead me on to wanting more and wanting to photograph it.

  • What is your favorite moment to photograph at a wedding?

The moment at the end of aisle, hand in hand and smiles can’t be any bigger.

  • What makes or breaks a bridal shoot?

Me. No matter what may be going on, I have to make it. Always.

  • What are some of the most photogenic spots for engagement shoots?

It’s the San Francisco/Bay Area and wine country–anywhere!!! I love outdoor settings, drama, contrast so depending on the time of day and weather, it almost doesn’t matter. One favorite for all those things though is Muir Woods.

  • Where else do you love to photograph?

I’m a house photographer for Goldenvoice and love shooting live music. The noise, the crowd, the band. Typically, I’m the only woman so a lot of times the band members will play directly to me and I get a shot the guys don’t. As well, anything travel!!!

  • What’s your favorite photograph you’ve ever taken?

Way too many to think of! Over my lifetime, I could possibly be at 500,000+ images. Every one is my favorite the moment I take it!

  • What’s your favorite wedding that you’ve shot?

At the end of each and every wedding I always think “That was fantastic! That was the best wedding ever!”. And then I say it again after the next one.

I love The Westin St Francis, anywhere in the Presidio, St Francis Yacht Club, The Palace Hotel, Cliff House. Way too many!

  • What is the first thing you ask couples when they approach you?

What brought you to me? I need to make sure we are on the same page for style first thing.

  • What’s the biggest mistake the couples make when choosing their photographer?

Hiring a friend or relative and especially one who “likes photography”.

  • What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

Good question! We all have something completely different and completely the same to offer. I hope someone hires me for their wedding because they like my style BUT just as importantly is that like me. If they like me, trust me and believe I will deliver then I totally can. Why is your best friend your best friend? Who knows sometimes and other times you can list off 100 things but in the end you trust that person.

  • What tips do you have for couples who have never been photographed before?

Let’s have a cocktail! Don’t over think it, just let go and feel it.

  • What are some of your upcoming projects for the future?

It’s wedding season so not much beyond that. In September I will be going to Dominican Republic to photograph surgeries on scoliosis patience for ISF. A foundation founded by my friend. I did it a couple years ago and to be in the surgical theater is really amazing and to have that experience is unbelievable. But the biggest thing, is the immediate joy on a young patient’s face (most are young girls) post surgery when they know their back is straight and they will be just like everyone else. Then it is time to plan my next travel journey!
Inspired yet? Book your wedding photographer with Misti Layne today. And thanks again to Borrowed and Blue for the Q&A!

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