The Unplugged Wedding: Check your devices at the door!

The Unplugged Wedding: Check your devices at the door!


The Digital Age

Things sure have changed since my first wedding about 14 years ago. I’ve seen trends come and go and the biggest one in photography is by far the digital age. The first weddings I shot were with film, a tool I still utilize today. Now I laugh thinking about all the times I was asked “Why don’t you go digital? How do you know you got the shot?” I’m a professional. I make a living off of getting the shots.

I admit, my first wedding was just a fluke and I never really thought I’d be a wedding photographer. Luckily, fate found me. I’ve worked hard to build my portfolio, reputation and skills over all these years and can finally say, “Yes, I’m a professional photographer and know that I’m worthy of that title.”


Avoid the Point-and-Shoot

As time goes on, I see more and more wedding guests with expensive digital cameras and point-and-shoots, specifically iPhones and iPads. I can’t count the number of times my shot was ruined because someone stepped in with an iPad or their mobile out in the aisle or the times a red dot appears or the flash from someone else ruins my image. The opportunities to capture images of loved ones laughing, crying and showing their emotions during a ceremony are lessened by our compulsive use of technology. Often times I may be limited to taking photos of people taking photos of the couple who are laughing, crying and showing emotion. Few guests are present during this intimate moment and a study was done to prove this. When the wedding is over and the newlyweds sit down to look at their photos, what do they see? Photos of their wedding guests holding cameras! Let’s be honest; this does not make for beautiful albums.


Fingers Crossed for a Big Comeback

When I first heard about “unplugged weddings” I was ecstatic. Yes, I thought! Let’s get back to what professional photographers are there to do – capture the wedding and let people share in the joy of a couple during this most important and intimate time. Your friend’s wedding is not the time to practice your skills as a photographer. This is my job. As a guest, your job is to laugh, cry and smile.

This idea of an Unplugged Wedding isn’t for everyone and that is OK! However, it sure is a trend I hope comes back BIG!


How Do I Ask My Guests to Unplug?

Because guests really do love taking their own photos at a wedding, it can be difficult to ask them to stow away their electronics and unplug. With that being said, I’m quite fond of these words by Bayside Bride. If you go to their site, you can download cards with the following text and place them strategically at your wedding.


Wedding Unplugged

Thank you so much for joining us for the celebration of our marriage today.

As our guests, we would love to offer you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy our wedding.

We have hired an amazing photographer who will capture every moment of today’s ceremony and

we’d be happy to share the incredible photos with you.

We would appreciate it if you could please turn off all cameras and cell phones.

Thank you


Now I hope these images can show you just what I mean. Long live the Unplugged Wedding!





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  1. You are 100% correct. The guests are so bent on being the photographer that they don’t get the experience of being the guest. Most likely the bride will never see anything the guests shoot. Because it’s a cell phone picture. At the wedding she planned for a year or more. My favorite is when I’m shooting and take a step backward and crash into three chick’s holding phones over my shoulder.

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