Getting Married Micro-Wedding Style – Laughs + Love

Getting Married Micro-Wedding Style – Laughs + Love

Getting married micro-wedding style… I will say it again and loudly. LOVE DOES NOT STOP AND WILL NOT STOP FOR ANYTHING.

Courtney and Kevin were not going to let anything stop them from getting married. Maybe this wasn’t the wedding they imagined long ago but it was the PERFECT wedding for them now. Held in the backyard of her parent’s home, it provided the space and beauty and intimacy for the event and excellent opportunity photography wise.

The witnesses consisted of her brothers and dad was the official officiant of the affair. (Yes, playing with words here.) A bonus was a delightful pup albeit camera shy and needing coaxing but no way would he not be in the family photographs!

The laughs, love and joy were all still just as palpable in this micro-wedding as if 100 guests had been here. It was a delight for me to be a guest and of course, photographer.

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