A Napa Corporate Event at Silverado

A Napa Corporate Event at Silverado

This Napa corporate event was another year down for me with the Napa Seafood Summit at the beautiful Silverado Spa and Resort. It’s been six years and while the three very intense days kick my butt, I love it all and the amazing people I get to meet from around the world.

This event has grown exponentially since its start nine years ago. There is education, networking, fun and food. A lot of food. While Silverado is the home base, the events take place around Napa and Sonoma. Silverado hosts a fun golf event which of course, allows for fun and networking and yoga was added this year. Their chef, holy cow, an amazing job.

How do you keep well traveled people entertained?

The Hawaiian night was held at Louis Martini in Napa. They have completed renovations and we were the first to hold an event there. Just, simply, beautiful. Big and bold and drama were the perfect setting for the talented Hawaiian dancers and musicians. They REALLY held the crowd captivated. This is kind of when you don’t think of yourself at the typical Napa corporate event.

The final night was held at Chateau St. Jean. We were incredibly fortunate that in the horrible fires two years ago that this amazing venue survived. It was very close with even the ivy on the building being burned. But alas, the ivy conquered and is back in full glory. The sun set on the venue over the vineyards and lit up the chateau just brilliantly.

I have to give a shout out too to Ms. Jiliane Patriarca of The Organization Organization. Yes, you read that right! She does an amazing job with the whole scope of everything that falls under her responsibility and then some. Having her on the team and her skills makes the event what it is. Our “CEO” has a vision and ideas and then somehow, someway they come to fruition. Ok, it’s a lot of work. I hope the images provide just a taste of 80 very full hours.

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