Castello di Amorosa BIG Night

Castello di Amorosa BIG Night

Castello di Amorosa Big Night is not for vegans or vegetarians. It is literally a big steak on a plate. Literally!

I honestly don’t know how they pull these events off like they do but holy cow (pun intended, get it?) they do and they do it well. The caters have a massive job at this event. All the food, the service and staff are providing a first class experience to the guests like it was a Michelin star restaurant experience. An added bonus is lessons on how to choose a cigar, light a cigar and of course smoke a cigar.

The Castello di Amorosa Big Night is a bit more low key in entertainment but high quality in the food and wine pairings to play towards the other senses. No dancers like at the Cuban Nights, no band like the Stomp but an elegant man sitting at a grand piano adding just the right element to all of this.

There are cigars galore and lots of wine to be sure. People eat, drink, be merry and eat some more. The entertainment is fitting and all this under the stars. Have I mentioned how much I like my “job”? Check out this event of Havana Nights

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