Lake Tahoe – Destination Wedding Photography by Misti Layne

Lake Tahoe – Destination Wedding Photography by Misti Layne

If you have not been to the Lake Tahoe area then it should become a must see. It’s just simply breathtaking. It is pure, it is quiet, it is majestic. But it’s also just simply beautiful. So when Isabel and Adam told me they were getting married here I was thrilled. They really kept to the natural theme by blending the usual wedding requirements with nature but yet making things come alive and pop with color. The Chalet View Lodge hosted the event and were just on top of everything. This weary traveler showed up exhausted after dealing with the travels and what was I offered? A shot of something, anything, just choose one! Ohh, I did. Fig Tree Catering did a great job of filling my belly and their staff was just delightful. Being based in San Francisco is amazing as I can have a wedding literally 5 minutes from my home or I can get in my car and drive to an amazing place or I can hop a plane to anywhere in the world. I so love my career. Best to you Isabel and Adam!


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  1. Hi Misti,

    What an amazing photography..! Excellent creativity, capturing the photographs in between the nature is quite challenging task. Hats-off to your camera work.

    1. Thanks Stephen!

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