Menlo Circus Club Makes for Great Weddings

Menlo Circus Club Makes for Great Weddings

The name “Menlo Circus Club” makes you wonder what you are in for in regards to a wedding location but I assure you, it’s simply fantastic! The history begins simply with a few young girls who wanted to ride their ponies at this Atherton estate and became a “club”. They decided to entertain their parents and friends with a circus. The proceeds of $500 went to the Stanford Convalescent Home. How adorable is that?

The Menlo Circus Club did an amazing job hosting Chrissy and Nick for their wedding. The main building has a great open view to it so you don’t feel like you are locked in. It’s classic in style but can be designed in many ways if you have the vision for it. Heather Ferrai of Allset did an amazing job with bringing the couple’s vision to fruition. The cocktail hour happened near the stables. Yes, stables! While there is no longer a circus there they do have a polo field and stable horses. It’s a most unique place, truly.

It was quite a team to pull this together and I want to give them a bit of acknowledgement too. So, planner was Heather Ferrai as mentioned. Florals were by Blooming Vase, C’est Si Bon Bakery did the beautiful and delicious cake, the awesome band Pop Fiction completely had the crowd up and dancing and my visual partner in crimes were Luke Goodman and his wife who did cinematography. I think we all made a truly, great team! A gorgeous wedding, a beautifully in love couple and photography make me oh so happy. Best to Chrissy and Nick!

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0651

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0659

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0667

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0671

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0676

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0681

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0686

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0687

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0749

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0582

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0566

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0530

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0760

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0764

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0939

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0977

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0994

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1016

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1010

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0927

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0693

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0781

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0786

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0798

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0832

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_0897

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1102

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1106

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1142

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1157

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1156

Chrissy + Nick_Menlo_Circus_Club_1161





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