Pier 27 San Francisco hosts ILEA NCC Gala

Pier 27 San Francisco hosts ILEA NCC Gala

Pier 27 San Francisco hosted an absolutely amazing gala by ILEA NCC this year. At the walk through, I wondered, what on earth the plan was. This is why I am not a designer. I can photograph anything but don’t ask me to design it or even visualize it. I never really look at floor plans. They mean nothing until I can see things up close and personal. So again, I didn’t look at any plans beyond a cursory glance.

How does all this go down?

So I was so totally and pleasantly surprised with the results as were the guests that attended that night. Actually, I think most would agree that we were truly and actually, amazed. I was a sponsor of the event but all my work comes after. The people who sponsored the event itself of course, as you would expect at ANY event that they work, they brought their A game.

Pier 27 San Francisco is very industrial yet it was dripping in romance this night. The day began with artists at the entrance way, again inside and numerous more upstairs. The lobby was draped, literally, in drapes and flowers and a harpist. The stairs were covered in a forest theme even! Upstairs was where the surprises did not stop.

The reception area had a variety of bites from a number of vendors and PLENTY of cocktails. There was a magician and a juggler who MAY have been 10 years old. Ladies dressed in all kinds of outfits and a walking BUSH! Yes, I’m serious, a bush!

The dining area was a long room with a view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island. Come on! The food was amazing and I had to remember to take photographs so you know, it was good. Then after dinner, we simply walked across the draped walls to a disco where we were entertained with a live band, photo booths, gelato, crafts, a DJ, back stage rock show decor and yes, more cocktails.

There were about 50+ sponsors for this event and you can find them here listed below. Check them out if you are looking for vendors for your wedding, event or corporate event. I think these images will show you why you should call.

Ready for this amazing list of people?

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One last thing, you can see another ILEA event at Artesa HERE.

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