Goatlandia Sanctuary Playdate

Goatlandia Sanctuary Playdate

Goatlandia is just pure heaven. If you haven’t noticed yet, I love animals. Always have, always will. I had the great pleasure of visiting again and documenting the arrival of 16 kids that ranged in age from a day to just a few weeks. It was pure heaven for me. Sitting in a pen with four little babies climbing on me and sucking on my fingers and hair. Heaven!!!

But, there is a sad story here. These babies were rescued from a dairy farm. The girls are kept to make milk and the boys, well, the story isn’t usually a good one. All the goats Goatlandia took in were boys taken just after birth and some still with their umbilical cords attached. For goats, sheep, water buffalo and cows, the dairy industry is harsh. It’s just a sad reality.

Thanks to rescues and companies making more and more plant based alternatives (you must try the Spero TheGoat cheese! All natural ingredients and delish.) people have options that they didn’t have before and this change is gaining steam.

Goatlandia has a number of rescue animals and here is the great news. You too have the opportunity to see all the animals and get up close and personal with them. They are always in need of volunteers to help. It isn’t hard to imagine there is a lot of work involved from morning to night to care for so many animals and all their unique needs. This is day in and day out, rain or shine. If you live in Santa Rosa or even near look them up and see how you can help. I’m dead serious when I say it is really addictive!

Look at these faces that you too can schmooze all over. Now, there is work to be done but there is also time to play.

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