Newly Engaged and Love Comes Naturally

Newly Engaged and Love Comes Naturally

Newly engaged Nina and Nathan! I have no idea whatsoever how long I’ve been photographing Nina. You can see a few images on my “Singleton” page actually. I’m sure over 10 years and perhaps 15. She came to me because a corporate portrait her company took was just awful and I do mean, awful. It was the kind you laugh at for all the kinds of wrong in it from a faux library wall, brown leather oversized desk chair and turning her beautiful wild main into a helmet head. I’m not at all kidding!

So when Nina came to me about engagement portraits I was simply ecstatic for her. Like anyone, she deserves a love that was complete. I totally saw that with her and Nathan whom I like! It was so easy to photograph them because of the history but mostly because they were just so natural together. Seeing her laugh and giggle was just the best.

The wedding has been on hold of course. Nathan is English and the plan is for a wedding there so a date has yet to be set. Yes, I’m waiting to hear it too and cannot wait! They are no longer “newly engaged” as these images were done last year but seeing them in Nina’s IG I would tell you they still totally look like they are newly engaged!

Images taken in a little known park by my home.

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