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Micro-weddings | Intimate Weddings

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Yes, micro-weddings. I have known Gwen for years and just adore her. In these new times, experience and community mean more than they ever did. I asked her to write a guest post about expectations in this new future of events. The future IS bright! Love, lovers and weddings will always find a way and I’m so proud of my community. We just want to do our best to provide a client’s dreams. Do reach out to her with any questions.

Micro-weddings are the new “black”

Welcome to the brave new world of planning your wedding.  When the dust settles, and the powers that be allow gatherings to resume, you need to be ready.

Starting small is the safest course of action, ten people or less.  I know that seems very small; it is, in fact, micro.  Micro-weddings are the new “black” to borrow an overused fashion cliché.  

Small does not mean less; it merely means fewer people physically at your wedding.  You can invite those most special, those closest to you, those that can come. 

Embrace this opportunity to make your wedding everything you genuinely want it to be.  Consider things you might not be able to do if you could invite 150 people or more. 

You have the opportunity to make your wedding as unique and creative as you like, no matter how much money you have or what the health and safety measures are. Find the silver lining COVID-19 has given you to make your wedding intimate and meaningful.  Take time to give every detail an individual touch for each guest.

Experience Now More Than Ever

I’ve been a wedding planner for a long time; I have watched weddings evolve over the years.  Tastes change, trends change, people change.  Even with all that change, humans still marry.  I find that hopeful, remarkable, and inspiring. 

I love weddings big, small, yes, even micro.  What I love most about weddings isn’t how many people are there or how elaborate the flowers. It is the joy that comes from people in love sharing themselves and their love with others—watching two families become one.  I get to witness strangers become friends because they love the couple getting married.

There is a great deal of uncertainty in our world more than ever before; now is the time to be sure about the things you can.  You can be confident you love your fiancé; you know you love your family and friends. 

Let’s Get Started

Start there; make a list of everyone you ideally want to attend your wedding.  Don’t stress over if everyone will be able to come; if you want those people there, put them on the list. (If you send me an email with the subject Guest List; then, I will send you an excel workbook for this task).

Now the hard part: prioritize the list.  Start with the top 10 people (don’t forget to put yourselves as guests 1 and 2. Then keep numbering until everyone has a priority number.  Next, break the list into three parts, your top 10, 50, and the balance.  We don’t know how many guests you will ultimately be able to invite.  Prioritizing will be invaluable when restrictions lift doing this exercise will allow you to plan your wedding with confidence. 

Hang In There!

Your next task, make another list.  Write down all of the things and experiences you want to have as a part of your wedding, things that bring you joy that you want to be part of your wedding day.  It can be anything;  you may wish to have your favorite Aunt make her family-famous chili as part of your wedding meal.  You love violets or pickles or muskrats! Anything as long as it brings you joy put it on the list; don’t limit yourselves; don’t think about costs or restrictions.

Then think about how to use what you love at your wedding.  Could you use potted violets as centerpieces then give them to your guests as favors.  You could make pickles to serve at the wedding and then give a jar to each guest.  Muskrats, how about playing Muskrat Love by the Captain & Tennille, ok, you may be too young for that one.  Maybe a muskrat cake topper. 

Susie and Sam! Seriously, now…

The point is you can have anything you want if you open your heart and your mind.  Finding what brings you joy then allow yourself to be creative, and open to ways of using what makes you happy in your wedding.

Nothing I’ve asked you to do here is wedding size dependent; you can use any of the things you listed, no matter if you invite 10 or 1000 people to your wedding.  These two exercises can prepare you to scale your wedding based on the conditions and your financial situation. The results will allow you to begin planning your ideal wedding now to execute when the time is right for you.

If you hate the idea of leaving anyone out of your wedding day, never fear technology to the rescue!  Virtual is a realistic option; you can live stream, Zoom, Facetime, etc.  You can have an almost unlimited number of people at your wedding.  Virtual is going to be one of the options available to you. I suggest giving it careful consideration when choosing what kind of wedding to plan.  It may be the answer to having the wedding you truly want. 

Love Does Conquer

Planning your wedding is challenging at any time; planning a wedding in times like these is overwhelming.  It is also possible, if you want it to be, your wedding can absolutely be as beautiful as if we never heard of COVID-19, what your wedding ultimately becomes is entirely up to you. 

As always I’m here to help, feel free to reach out with your questions or about micro-weddings or any wedding planning concerns.

Happy Wedding Planning!  xoxo, Gwen

Gwen Semenero Helbush, cwc

President, Where To Start, Wedding Management

Office: (510) 795-9072 ext. 1001



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  1. Thank you — excellent, excellent advice! When CELEBRATING is the most important thing, all the memorable features can be adjusted to suit whatever you like and whatever is possible. These days, thank goodness we can plan a micro event when we must stay small, and schedule a larger event for later.

    1. Thanks Robbie! Hope to see you at one of these and bigger again one day too!

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